Monday, August 18, 2008

Fish & Foot Reflexology @ SS2

I think most of all would have heard of the fish reflexology or fish spa as it has been kinda popular for some time. Actually what is Fish Reflexology? I check online and it say, it is a spa whereby it uses those small fish or so called “Doctor Fish” to eat all the dead cells which hidden on our foot / legs. And I had tried my 1st fish spa at SS2. Haha…free trial as the shop is just newly open on at that time (17-Aug-08). It is kinda lovely experience for me. Last time, I always heard my mum said that it is stupid that we pay just to get bitten by those small fish. But actually it is not. I think it is a fun too especially if you are going in group of friends. You can relax and enjoy with your friends and at the same time you can feed those little fish. What a good day to treat yourself with such a cute spa.

For introduction, Fish & Foot Reflexology not only provide fish spa but they also have ear candling, body, shoulder & foot massage. Once I walk into the main entrance, I could see, some people sitting to try the fish spa. There are 3 aquariums filled with those small fish…Those who wanna try the fish spa, firstly, they need to clean their legs to avoid any contamination or so-called unnecessarily “virus” to those fish.. lol. We are guided to the back whereby we saw some water pipe designed nicely so we wash our legs with soap there. I saw few small wooden chairs and shoe cupboard. We put our shoes in the cupboard and take out a giant blue rubber slipper to wear on. After washing, there are some towels for us to dry our leg and make our step to the fish aquarium.

As my legs get into the aquarium, the fish look little bit scary. After some time, then the fish started to smell “food” nearby my legs. Haha…it came one by one and started “to eat” all the dead cells on my legs. Erm, kinda geli too. I did took some photos when the fish biting but the fish just so scare once they saw something flashy /moving from their top of the aquarium. One funny moment, there is one stupid fish who think my mole on my leg is dead cell. It keeps “eating” on that part….aikks…How I feel?? You say le? Get bitten for many many times on the same areas ….sure little pain le. But funny when saw that fish very “hardworking” to take out the mole which it thinks is a dead cells. lol….After finish the spa, we go to wash our leg and then dry with the towel and proceed to go out for some refreshment since that time is 1st day opening.

I have look through the behind of the shop, there are few rooms which is separated with curtains. 2 rooms for foot massage which is equipped with 3 sofas like massage chair and 1 LCD TVs in each room. Those customers can enjoy the foot massage while watching TV. Another 2 rooms is for the body massage. The places are indeed simple and relax.

Lastly few tips before going to the fish spa:

1. Wear shorts / pant not longer till to your knee to avoid from getting wet when your leg is putting into the aquarium.

2. Avoid wearing skirt as it is not convenient when you try fish spa. If really that time you are wearing skirt, just take a towel and cover your thigh to avoid unnecessarily misunderstanding.

3. Make sure you wash your foot/ leg before putting into the aquarium to avoid fish get “sick” and the water in the aquarium get unnecessarily dirt. Dry your foot/ leg with the towel given.

4. Try not to move the leg when the fish is busy “biting” & “cleaning” your leg as it will scare them away.

5. Taking photos is ok but not too near, the fish is shy… haha…

Below is the prices stated in the leaflet for those services they provided. Feel free to call and try yourself:

Fish Reflexology Sdn Bhd
No: 14,(Ground Floor),
Jalan SS2/67,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03-7875 9875
Fax:03-7875 3875

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