Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hong Kee Restaurant

The Restaurant

One of the corner interior

Last Thursday, i went to have dinner with my family at a new restaurant nearby my area. It used to be BB Restaurant but somehow last mth, it has been take over by Hong Kee...No ideas too....

Anyway, is CNY but we just have 4 peoples so dont think we could order their CNY set.Anyway, im not sure is it still new, their menu are in limited choice. haha...The menu given is also in a piece of paper only..

Our peanuts as starter....

Colorful "Yee Sang"

Salmon for "Yee Sang"...

Since like this, so we just order few dishes we wish to try and not to forget our "Yee Sang". We have ordered their Salmon "Yee Sang"....with added jelly fish (RM33 - 1/2 portion + RM5) . Quite nice and portion given is quite a lot even just a 1/2 portion. Colorful and sweet and sour the same time...

Tofu with Minced Meat & "Choi Po" - nice and the "choi po" and minced meat blended so well...The tofu is like those japanese tofu but in square size.

Guinness Spare Rib Pork - something which my bro love to order when everytime go out for dinner. Something like marmite sauce to us too...quite flavouring..

Scallop with Beancurd Skin - a fresh and soft scallaop being steamed together with below lay on with a beancurd skin and brinjals...simple dish and not oily at all...good for those old ppls to consume it...and is healthy too..

Steamed Fish - Erm, from the picture shown, is it look like curry fish? Slightly due to the sauce. We order for steamed fish with sauce. Anyway, it is still acceptable. Slightly spicy.

Overrall, the taste of the food is quite ok....but the service is too slow and some of the staffs is not so understand what we wants...Maybe the restaurant is still new....Hope their service will improve when you all go there. I might go there for dim sum

Hong Kee Restaurant
No.106, Jalan Cerdas,
Taman Connaught,
56000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-9100 2639

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